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Supersound 13 March 2016

SUPERSOUND (hard rock, heavy metal & extreme metal), editia din 12 martie 2016, Radio Romania Cluj (frecventele: Satu Mare- 87,9 FM, Negresti Oas- 93,3 FM, Sighet- 101,7 FM, Cluj- 95,6 FM, Alba si Sibiu- 95,4 FM) sau la www.radiocluj.ro , orele 00.00 – 02.00, realizator Crisan Bibian


1.AVENGED SEVENFOLD-Hail to the King (Hail to the King) 2013/Warner Bros.
2.BLACKSTAR-Rock ‘ n’ Roll Circus (Barbed Wire Soul) 1997/Peaceville Rec.
3.BESEECH-Highwayman (My Darkness, Darkness) 2016/Despotz Rec.
4.EVERGREED-Volant Voland (album in lucru) 2017?/Autoprodus
5.BORGO PASS-Drunkards Doom (Powered by Sludge) 1999/Independent
6.INTERMENT-Sinister Incantation (Scent of the Buried) 2016/Pulverised Records
7.SODOMIZER-Nekromantik (Confessioni Di Un Cannibale) 2016/Dying Music 
8.BETRAY MY SECRETS-Shamanic Dream (Betray My Secrets) 1999/Serenades Rec.
9.KILLSWITCH ENGAGE-Hate by Design (Incarnate) 2016/Roadrunner
10.SPIRITUAL-Pulse (Pulse) 2006/Sensory Records
11.BLACK MOOR-Running with Wolves (Brave to the Grave) 2016/Independent
12.ATROCITY-Love is Dead (Willenskraft) 1996/Massacre Rec.
13.DIAMOND HEAD-See you Rise (Diamond Head) 2016/Dissonance Prod.
14.LAKE OF TEARS-Behind the Green Door (Illwill) 2011/AFM Rec.
15.DESTROYER 666-Live and Burn (Wildfire) 2016/Season of MIst
16.MOURNING BELOVETH-The Mantle Tomb (Rust & Bone) 2015/Van Records
17. ACCUSER-Tribulation (The Forlorn Divide) 2016/Metal Blade
18.TRISTITIA-Slaughteary (The Last Grief) 2000/Holy Records
19.DIMMU BORGIRr-Mourning Palace (Enthrone Darkness Triumphant) 1997/Nuclear Blast
20.NAPALM DEATH-Dementia Acces (Utopia Banished) 1992/Earache Records
21.EVERGREED-Viral Hate Contamination (Album in lucru) 2017?/Autoprodus

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