Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
After some troubles along the way, we finaly got this record released and it was a good experience for us as a band. We went for an old school death metal sound like it was in the good old days with influences from Swedish death metal. The lyrics are about standing up for yourself and like a "fuck off" to mankind that goes to our nerves.

How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sounds like anything we might have heard before?
The music gets labeled as Moomin metal. The sound has the rawness of 90's swedish death metal scene with a touch of grind like Carcass and Terrorizer.

Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
Recorded in Downhell Syndrom Studio under two weeks time. Some difficulties with the recording of vocals. The mixing took close to 7 months because the mixer was drunk or otherwise incapasitated.

What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
The artwork is the same as in our first release, wich was a mix-tape with Styggelse and Suicidal winds among others. 

What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
To show support and be part of the deathmetal scene. We are concentrating on rehearsing/recording in our next album and searching for live bookings.

Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
There is a CD version and digital release.

Where and how will you promote this new release?
Webzines and Social medias like Facebook and Youtube. We have a soundcloud page too.

Where can we order it from?
The CD-release can be ordered from and Digital downloads are available at: itunes, rhapsody, emusic, medianet, inprodicon, tradebit, greatindiemusic, amazon mp3, groove, spotify, 7digital, deezer,24-7, omnifone, google musicstore, iheartradio, slacker radio, shazam, yandex, youtube music, tidal, akazoo, soundexchange, 8tracks, kdigital, kuack, awa, kkbox.

September 2016