Country: Germany
Title: Rabenschwarz und Himmelgrau
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Ambient Raw Black Metal

Wow, this new (and so far latest) A.S.U. album has one of the most touching, dramatic intros I've heard built by only a piano playing Johann Pacchelbel's Canon in D Major and a crying female vocal that pleads something I couldn't say what (probably in Norwegian, not German, but again I'm not sure) but nonetheless managed to touch a chord. Then we're delivered 3 new very long tracks that makes the whole material clock 55 minutes, again mixing the rough Black Metal passages with the semi acoustic guitar soothing parts, this time with inserts from movies which sound absolutely great in the overall material. The use of different keys and effects this time seems to have increased compared to previous works, but this only adds more atmosphere, more depth to the story, and knowing this is based on a novel Astro wrote in 1994 it all makes more impression on the listener, I'm sure, especially if he/she is a German speaking listener. If you think you'd like a combination of melancholy and Raw Black Metal that makes your ears buzz even way after the audition, this is definitely your thing, and having played most of A.S.U.'s works I can say it built and is developing an own style that makes it recognizable, something so very rare nowadays.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10