Country: International
Title: Of Loss And Grief
Label: Terror from Hell Records
Year: 2017
Style: Funeral Doom Metal

Lately I feel more and more the "actors" of the current Funeral Doom scene will lead to its suffocation sooner than later because of their implication in as many projects and bands as possible and the constant release of new material, there's no way the genre's audience will keep pace with the amount of releases this genre has seen during the past let's say 5 years and that keep pouring in from all over the place. Same as it happened with Black Metal I think this scene will get more and more divided in little bits and pieces (read subgenres). Here we're talking about an international project featuring members from Italy, Chile and UK founded in 2012, a project that has reached its second full-length album here, a work of spread over 6 tracks in more than 70 minutes of playing time. The music is, of course, sombre and morose, but the compositions are way more varied than one could expect from a Funeral Doom work, there are even lots of surprise elements thrown in all over the place, from guitar solos to interesting keyboard tones, to complex drumming, to violin parts, to female vocal parts that, to be honest, saved a somehow monotone vocal register, the only point I found that would have still needed more though/work/variety, I'd say I wasn't impressed by either growling vocals or occasional shrieks. The instrumental part however offers lots of interesting ideas and there's a lot to discover along the way, the band proves to be a serious contender for the top of this genre; a well done work! Oh, I also have to mention the awesome, iconic even, cover art, one don't get much better than this!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10