Country: Russia
Title: Conjure Mysticism and Goblet of Eternal Fire
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2021
Style: Speed Thrash Black Metal

Debut album by this one man band from the Udmurtia Republic (Russia) of which I hear of for the first time, Conjure Mysticism and Goblet of Eternal Fire is made of 8 own tracks plus a cover of Sodom's Outbreak of Evil. Arcaneblaze plays, as the cover track suggests, an old-school, fast paced, dirty and evil sounding Metal, a mix of Thrash, Speed and Black Metal, and takes pride in announcing it was recorded in DIY fashion and mastered at "high dynamic range", oh and also states "fuck the modern production" on the last page of the booklet. Whenever I see this attitude I suspect it hides a lack in either technical possibilities or skill, but here that's not the case, Conjure Mysticism and Goblet of Eternal Fire sounds really killer, an organic but careful production, crystal clear and honest sounding, something many bands only hope for. Composition-wise the 8 tracks featured here are enjoyable, catchy and have the right duration to avoid boredom, a bit over 23 minutes in total excluding the Sodom cover, but ironically the one track I like the most is also the longest on the album, the last track Tundra Wraith that clocks 5 minutes and superbly blends Heavy, Speed, Thrash and Black Metal. An excellent debut album that in my opinion would have benefited more from a different cover art, the current one makes you think you'll deal with a darker, heavier Black Metal music, while what we get here is more focused on speed and energy.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10