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* Tribute Page to Morbid Saint up now HERE

* Two new videos up in the Death Grind section: Mass Hypnosis (Croatia), Necrokillgraveterror (Russia)
* 2 new collaborators just joined our PESTS squad: Necrotica and Asphyxiator, both from Scotland!
* New set of reviews up HEREEpicriseBallgagOrdo Templi OrientisWeltschmertz 

* Posted a new video - Nocra (Russia) HERE
* Added a new section on X-Treme VideosThrash / Traditional, therefore I've added a new video - F.K.U. (Sweden) HERE
* New video added in the Black Pagan section: Angel Of Anger (Italy)

* New videos posted: Sepsism (USA), Prion (Argentina), Unblessed (Chile), Silesia Inferior (Poland) and Sghor (Poland). Access videos HERE

* A new section is now up on Pest Webzine: X-TREME VIDEOS, with 3 sub-categories Death GrindBlack Pagan and Other. I think I'll add one more the following days: Old-School & Thrash. And here are the videos uploaded so far: Loudrage (Romania), Undernoise (Spain), Metastasis (Venezuela), Immer (Czech Rep.) and Bastard Saints (Italy) in the Death Grind section, Eryn Non Dae (France) and The Descent Of The Sun (Argentina) in the Other section. The Black Pagan section will be updated as soon as I will have materials for it.
* Added some new videos: Slytract and Necrass in the Death Grind section
* New reviews (Abstract SpiritCultedLet The Night RoarWo Fat) are now up HERE

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Best Pest Awards section is Out! It was replaced with the Tribute section, a page where I'll pay my tribute to bands that contributed to the extreme metal scene back in the '80's-'90's. Enjoy Tribute!
* First Tribute paid to Morgoth
* Second Tribute Page, this time about USA Death Metal masters Nocturnus
* New reviews posted (Black PyramidCount RavenDowntroddenOl Scratch and SwitchbladeHERE

* A ton of new reviews (AnaelAstral LuminousCelestiaCharnel ValleyCode Of LiesDark CelebrationDarkestrahEgemonyFaust, Limb From LimbMy Own GraveNeige Et NoirceurSanctificationSound Of DetestationTowards Global Holocaust and Volksmerink) are up HERE
* Another good point for Today, we have a new collaborator: Ed Barnard from Earthdog Promotions / Winter Torment E-Zine / Doom Metal Union who will help us with reviews and interviews for the Doom Metal / Sludge / Stoner / Drone side of Metal!
Thanks Ed for becoming a new Pest!

* Posted new reviews (Debt Of NatureDisasterMass ObliterationStillness BladeHERE
* 2 more reviews for Today (DiktatMythologyHERE

* New interview posted: Avatar - Romanian Modern Death Metal band. Read it HERE

* An interview with the Experimental Doom act Gourva is now up HERE.

* A new in depth, very informative interview, with the Extreme Death Metal one-man-band Volksmerink from USA is up HERE
* A new massive set of reviews (Black Pentagram CultFrailtyGenocide WinterPrayer Of The DyingImmundusTeutoburg Forest) are up HERE

* Lots of reviews today: BlasphemerBloodsoakedCyclotronExiled From The LightFuneral FornicationGrand Demise Of CivilisationImmolithInhumateMalebolgiaPathology and Tverd. You can read all of them HERE

* The first reviews for October (Far Beyond InnocenceOrbsevenSAACSeelenfrost) have been published and can be read HERE.
* I'm glad to announce a new addition to the Pests Squad: Patrick from the American Winter Torment Ezine (www.myspace.com/winter_torment) and Deaths Design Ezine (www.myspace.com/deathdesignmetalreview)! He will be helping out with Reviews / Interviews. Thanks and welcome, Patrick!

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September Review
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   This month we did 2 interviews and 38 reviews. I want to appologize to all who sent materials that are still waiting to be reviewed. It simply wasn't enough time, but I promise all of them will be reviewed during October. Also I hope to have more interviews in October.
   These days I will announce the Best Pest for September, too.
   I'm still looking for more contributors/collaborators, so get in touch if you're interested.

* Posted a new interview with Italian label Black Tears. Click HERE to read it.
* 2 new reviews (Karnysera and Spellcraft) are up HERE

* A new set of reviews (AfflictionCircle Of GhostsGoat TunnelLustmordMnemonic Wetbrain SyndromeVomit The Soul) is up HERE
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