Country: Brazil
Title: A Dance of Pure Triumph
Label: Hammer of Damnation
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Black Metal

This is a re-release of Asaradel's fourth demo, A Dance of Pure Triumph from 1994, featuring a rehearsal version of a track that was never released before, Oscollum Obscoenum, plus 4 tracks from a live demo released in 1995, but 4 tracks that are also part of A Dance of Pure Triumph obviously.
The music is what you'd expect from a teenage gang of metalheads who are just getting used to their instruments but desperately want to create something on their liking, and supposedly that's exactly what they did here. There's not much to impress on instrumental level, probably that's why the slow, doomy passages that are easier to play, but the atmosphere they created is excellent, very much inspired by horror movies and everything surrounding darkness and the occult, but also by nature (see the calm intro filled with the sounds of nature) and folk as well (see Il Troto, track 7 from the first demo) which is a bit weird in the overall dark and horrifying soundscapes of Invoker's materials. I was particularly impressed by the experimental use of guitars and keys as well in order to offer sounds that are as eerie as possible. The live part I can't stand and it's definitely not something I would play willingly, I found nothing of value in it, but I understand the idea behind including it in this compilation, probably to show and preserve the exact atmosphere from gigs in those years. All in all this is a fine documentation of a band that could have had a serious word to say if they would have just kept at it, but instead they kept disbanding and reuniting without any serious results.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10