Country: Turkey
Title: Dawn of a New Epoch
Label: Testimony Records
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Death Metal

Oh man, to release a new album after 18 years is really impressive for a band, but this band, Turkish Cidesphere, was on a hiatus during 12 of those 18 years so in the end it kind of makes sense, but what's even more impressive from my point of view is how energetic and honest this album sounds and how well the band is able to transmit to the listener they still have the passion and maybe even more than in their beginnings. Throwing in some modern Black Death Metal and clean-cut Death Metal influences here and there, Cidesphere's second album is a lesson in old-school Melodic Death Metal brought to the technical and compositional level of these years. The first to stand out is the band's compositional ability, the album is diverse, surprising, catchy, heavy, melodic, abundant, basically all you need to enjoy such a material at full capacity, but then I'm not sure if it's because of the kick-ass production, but the band sounds totally curdled, it's like they were never on a pause, even if here and there you find yourself admiring one instrument or another, what remains is a general impression that the band is good, mature and inventive, nothing sounds over-done on this album, it just feels natural. It's probably the nostalgic in me speaking but I feel Cidespreher have done a terrific job on this album, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any MeloDeath follower out there; it's not a groundbreaking material, but it's one of those that feel right, it's just that, it feels right. What I don't feel like up to par with the music or production on Dawn of a New Epoch, is its cover artwork, I doubt it has any potential to add value to the album, and not only because it's darker in print...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10