Country: Germany
Title: Agora
Label: Green Zone Music
Year: 2018
Style: Melodic Death Metal

Second studio album from German band Credic, 8 years after their debut was released, so we're dealing here with a band that doesn't mind taking its time to work on the material, or simply doesn't care much about releasing more music more often. This album features 9 tracks and clocks a bit over 50 minutes of playing time and offers a Melodic Death Metal the Swedish (Gothenburg) way, with occasional Doom Metal influences a la Paradise Lost. Sounds intersting? It is, and it would have been even more if this blend would have been expanded, not only a rare bird here and there on the album. Anyway, Credic impresses through the quality of their guitar work, the catchiness their rhythm section imprint to each track (plenty of rhythm changes but subtle enough to keep things prefectly flowing), and the find raspy tone their vocalist has delivering powerful and commanding screams and even growls at times. Then the subtle background keyboard work makes for an excellent touch giving the whole an atmospheric, misty feeling, and the crystal clear production the album is presented with. All in all Credic did an excellent work and this new album should bring them plenty of new listeners. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10