Country: Slovakia
Title: Obscurantism
Label: Hexencave Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Cresset are hailing from Slovakia, a quartet made of members from 0N0 or Remmirath (bands with a certain activity on the local scene) that present us here their debut full-length album, a 6 tracks material lasting for 35 minutes. Cresset's music could be described as really obscure sounding, oppressive, brutal Black Metal without compromises, without many traces of melody apart for some catchy leads that could somehow be considered melodic but still not being "fit" to be considered a Melodic Black Metal band; Brutal Black Metal would make the best label for what the band offers here. The production is quite murky, dense, muddy, dark so only the ones into totally obscure Metal will get it, but if you listen carefully you'll be able to find all sort of passages and elements that make this album interesting. On the surface it is mostly fast, brutal, blunt, and the vocals that are somehow buried in the background are only enhancing this feeling, but there's much more to discover if you give it a chance. Plenty of Death Metal touches here and there make things even heavier, but the overall impression is exactly what the album title suggests: obscure, sinister music. Released in a nice Digipak CD version with 4 pages booklet, limited to only 200 copies.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10