Country: Ukraine
Title: Might ov Ancient
Label: Vacula Productions / Kundalini Records
Year: 2016
Style: Ambient Black Metal

Not sure how this material be considered a new album (the band's fourth) since it features only 5 tracks of which the first 3 are taken from a 2015 EP, Thy Immortal Majesty, and one from a 2008 demo called Estrangement, so basically only one of the 5 is a new composition... Anyway, this release also marks the birth of Kundalini Records, Deviator's own label, so it must be a pretty big deal for both monikers. The compositions are really simple and repetitive and unfortunately don't transmit any confidence for the listener, you will always have the fear that something will go wrong and either the vocals or the guitar work will make some mistakes (the drums are programmed, so those should be out of this question though). The only interesting element in Deviator's music on this album are the keyboard parts, repetitive, mysterious and mesmerizing at times, a la Burzum, sinister and thrilling at other, but somehow from a different picture than the rest of the instruments. It all sounds like a '90's demo, so if you're into such sonorities you might like it, but as a stand-alone full-length album this is way below my expectations unfortunately. Sorry, it completely missed to produce any emotions in me.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 4/10