Eradikal Insane is a French band prepared to spread their name and music worldwide with their new effort “Mithra”. The band spoke to Pest Webzine in order to let us know what’s going on in their camp.

The band used to be called Bury Human Fears and then changed to Eradikal Insane. Why the change?
The name Bury Human Fears was found by the first singer at the very beginning. When she left, and the music took a different path, we figured out it would be better to also change the name. Eradikal Insane is a neologism to describe a very high level of craziness, it suits well to our universe.

What inspired you to play Death metal?
We were just inspired by extreme bands we started listening to since teen age, and like most of the time, if you start playing an instrument, you end up playing the music you enjoy.

The band has been active since 2004 but only in 2015 did you release the first full-length. Why has it taken over one decade to release a full-length?
Long story short, the band has undergone multiple line-up changes that has impacted directly on the music, evolution-wise but has also restrained the creative process, always breaking the dynamic. The original line-up always focused more on playing shows than recording, so to speak. Since 2008, the members remain the same except for the bass players. Ever since we really felt like we became a solid core, we knew where we wanted to go, so we started working hard on writing new material. The first physical release ‘The Dementia Process’ EP came out in 2011, followed by many shows throughout 2012 and 2013. Then again, line-up changes slowed down the impetus for a short period. By 2014 we went on tour in France, playing for the first time in Paris and Luxembourg, we also headlined a tour in Russia fall 2014. We finally released our first album ‘Mithra’ last year, just before leaving for the Canadian tour. We believe things should not be done in a hurry, everything’s a question of time.
“Mithra” was released in 2015… how was it received?
Very great so far. We are pleased to see that the majority of our reviews, both French and international, have been positive. Some of them are very in-depth, the reviewers have really taken the time to listen and analyse the music. These opinions are very important and constructive, whether good or bad. It helps us as a band to progress.

What themes are approached in your lyrics?
According to R, drummer and also lyricist of the band, ‘Mithra’ follows a concept detailing the quest for self-realization. The album also contains sub-themes like the futility of existence, spiritual death and rebirth. Despite its title, the album doesn't deal with Mithraism at all. Here, the word ‘Mithra’ embodies this initiatic path, the notion of transcendence, to turn to the darkness so that you may find the light hidden within.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
R is a reclusive person, always drifting away in his thoughts and readings. Then he shows up with lyrics and twisted concepts.

The tracks included in the demos do not feature in “Mithra”. Considering that some actual fans may not be familiar with your earlier works, have you considered the idea of re-releasing the demos or is it too costly for you?
We don’t find interest in re-releasing all our demos. The old material from ‘The Dementia Process’ era and earlier is way too different from what we do now, in both genre and line-up. The EP is still available everywhere though, people can give ear to it. We don’t deny where we come from, we’re obviously very proud of what we released, it built the band, but we are focused on tomorrow.

“The Dementia Process” EP was released by Built By Chaos, but currently the band is not signed. Why? Is it easier being independent?
Built By Chaos was the name of the structure we created only to manage and book the band, not a proper label. It’s really more difficult to be independent especially for financial, time and promotion matters, but so far we have no deal with a label. So for now we keep going further on our own until we find a label to release the next record.

If you were to sign a record deal, which label would be perfect for you and why?
Labels like Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast or Century Media would be perfect and really helpful for the promotion and visibility of the band. A more specialized label could be great too, such as Unique Leader, Relapse or Sumerian. They are obviously really active and that would be awesome to work with them. We are open to discussion if any label is interested in Eradikal Insane. But we’re realistic, getting signed ain’t easy.

Who produced your album?
We faced some bitter disappointment in the early stage of recording back in 2014. So we chose to do all on our own and to produce the album ourselves. The mixing and the mastering were done respectively at Esoteric Sound Studio and M Works Mastering Studios.

Which track(s) do fans respond to better in a live environment?
There are no specific tracks we guess. Maybe the fastest songs like ‘Intrinsic Propensity’ or ‘A Perpetual Nothing’ are ones of the intense highlights of the set where the crowd goes really crazy.

“Mithra” was limited to 1000 copies… did it sell out?
Not yet. We already sold a few hundreds, mostly during our tour in Canada last September. The album is still available on Bandcamp, Big Cartel and at the merch table during shows.

“Mithra”’s cover seems like a decomposing mummy… care to explain us the concept behind it?
The cover art is the depiction of the meaning behind the lyrics and concept explained above. It must be seen as metaphorical. It was a long creation process, and we're really happy on how it turned out.

Who designed the cover?
Hrtz.Dsign made the artwork. The studio came back to us with almost the final design after we gave the concept and ideas behind the songs, with a total freedom to interpret it. The result is just stunning, we absolutely loved it and asked Hrtz.Dsign to carry that style throughout the rest of the digipak. The booklet also contains the artwork originally meant to be the cover of the album, which develop the message of the lyrics. Since then, all our visuals are made by this studio.

Your facebook page has shared an image with the word “Tomorrow” and the caption says “Mithra Propagation”… what does it mean? What will happen after all?
We were just teasing the announcement of the Eastern Europe tour. The hashtag ‘Mithra Propagation’ served the purpose.

What the best thing about being a musician? And the worst?
The best thing is touring the world, playing your music and sharing your passion with people. Still being a small DIY band, it brings to the table financial problems, tours and travels aren’t free as you can imagine. But we are determined to push the band to the next level come what may.

France has presented us with some awesome metal bands. Do you think the French metal scene is undervalued in comparison to the Nordic one?
Indeed, France produced a number of notable acts that get international recognition at the moment like Gojira, Kronos, Alcest, Gorod, Benighted and more. Bands are popping every day and a lot of them certainly are underrated, but we wouldn’t say as much as in northern countries. For example, France has an amazing world renowned black metal scene. Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Merrimack, Aosoth just to name a few, are great bands.

Which bands do you appreciate the most?
There are so many outstanding bands out there, each one of us listens to a different type of metal so it’s hard to reach agreement. If we have to make a list, Aborted, Kronos, Ingested, Dawn Of Dementia, Whitechapel, Deafheaven, Fallujah and Nightbringer would probably be in it.

In your opinion, what’s the best album of all times? And the best band?
Well it’s impossible for us to pick just one. Same thing as the previous question, so many great bands and albums to decide.

Considering the band has played many gigs, have you ever had the chance of playing with some of your “idols”? If so, which ones?
Unfortunately not yet, but we hope soon.

Are any the members of the band solely involved in any other bands worth mentioning?
Nico also plays guitar in Octopurath (brutal slamming death metal) with singer Renan (Devour The Fetus), bassist Ben (former member of Eradikal Insane), guitarist Cyrille (Ark Of Descent) and drummer Markus (Hymenotomy, Baalsebub). The band just released its first EP ‘Spawned Beyond The Oneiric Abyss’ on Rising Nemesis Records, check it out.

The band will be touring later this year… how excited are you?
We are very excited. It’ll be our first time in Eastern Europe, rumors say it’s a good place to play death metal so we expect a great tour. Good times ahead, we’ve got a bunch of shows that haven’t been announced yet as well. We can’t wait to hit the road again. By the way, we recently signed with Alpha Omega Management, so we’ll have more and easier opportunities to tour everywhere.

Have you got plans to record any new material soon?
At the moment, we’re still writing new material to get something out next year maybe. Whether that will be an EP or album, we are not sure yet. We have so many projects in mind for the future.

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Thanks a lot guys for the support, we appreciate your efforts ! See you all on tour !

Interview by Sonia Fonseca

October 2016