Aethyrick - Praxis

AIN - Strengthening of the Black Flame

Aller Sterne Untergang - Auf den Schwingen meiner Sehnsucht

Aller Sterne Untergang - Jammerbugten

Barbarian Swords - Totemic Anal Turbofucker

Black Goat - Magia Posthuma  The Inmost Darkness - Second Phenomenon

Bloodlust - Black Mass

Devourer - Dawn of Extinction

Edellom - Sirens

Encryptment - Mangel från söderort

Havamal - Tales from Yggdrasil

Kobold - Masterpace

Mazikeen - Mazikeen

Mordancy - The Anthology 1989-1993

Moribundus Christus - The Morbid Cult

Mystagos - Azoth

Mysticist - The Mire

Noctem - The Black Consecration

O.D.R.A / Parh - Split

Of Fire - Dräparen

Red Dead Roadkill - Sweet Songs of Anguish

Suggillation - Revenge of the Monarch, the Kingdoom Cult

Sun of the Dying - The Earth is Silent

The End A.D. - Badlands

The Flesh Hunterand the Analassaulters - The Plague

The Nightmare Stage - When the Curtain Closes