Country: Poland
Title: Goat Tormentor
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Punk Black Metal

A new EP from HTA, this time made of 7 tracks recorded live at the rehearsals plus vocals recorded afterwards probably still at the rehearsal place, so you know you're going to get raw, unpolished, analog filthy Thrash Black Metal with serious Punk influences. HTA has all they need to become kvlt in the underground scene: they keep their line-up hidden, they are all hooded during live shows, their imagery is demonic, sexual and highly offensive, they release their music on as many mediums as possible and as often they can, and they keep their music primitive and fast showing no compromises to melody or ambient inserts. And hailing from Poland, a country that's watched by the whole Extreme Metal world lately, can only be an extra reason for HTA to become a serious name in the underground. On this new EP we're treated with 7 tracks of fast, dirty, evil unapologetic, organic Punk Thrash Black Metal charaterized by vicious, disgusting, raspy vocals (growls at times, screams at other), old-school Punk and Thrash influenced guitar riffs, frantic organic and pummeling rhythm section and a production that's better than what you might think when hearing this is a rehearsal recorded material. To be honest this was better than I anticipated, and although it brings nothing new or original to the table it's an honest, energetic, hateful release that's well worth giving it a try.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10