Band: HEX
Country: Spain
Title: Behold the Unlighted
Label: Vertebrae / Negre PlanY / Hecatombe Records
Year: 2022
Style: Doom Death Metal

Although they celebrate a decade of existence this year, have 2 albums under-belt with the second released under the respectable Transcending Obscurity Records, to me Hex is a new name, and this 3 tracks EP an introduction to their music, but after playing this CD for at least 10 times now I have to check at least their 2019 album God Has No Name right away. As said, this is a three tracks effort clocking 21 minutes of playing time and delivering a Doomy Death Metal that mostly reminds of European acts like Bolt Thrower, Grave or Asphyx, lead mainly by good semi-growling vocals (deep, powerful and commanding, not sounding forced at all), but when the clean vocals kick in (occasionally) they seriously remind me of the UK based Voices. I appreciate mostly the guitar work that's made of catchy riffs, melodic leads, an overall classy touch to the whole, but also the compositions that don't feel rushed at all, it's clear they've put some effort in it balancing between the aggressive and the melodic passages. A very good EP from my point of view, definitely made my appetite for more.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10