Country: Holland
Title: The Hour Be None
Label: I Hate Records
Year: 2017
Style: Doom Metal

Second full-length album from this Dutch band, released at a 7 years difference since their debut, pretty much I'd say, especially since in the meantime they have only released an EP. We're dealing here with a traditional form of Doom Metal, a mix between Candlemass (the theatrical vocals and part of the instrumental) and Black Sabbath (part of the instrumental), slow paced to mid-tempo, both accessible to a wider audience and narrowed down to real connaisseurs when it comes to really understanding it. To be honest I got lost along the way a few times so I have to say I'm not one of those that find it particularly appealing, but maybe that's because of Luther's vocals that transmit a state of somnolence at least to me. His vocals sound better in King Heavy's case (his other band), where the music is still Doom, but heavier, more energetic, and the proof for this is maybe the track Herod Again on this album, which is among if not the best between the 6 featured, where his vocals seem more natural, more fit. Anyway, there are plenty of hooks and inserts that make this album an enjoyable audition, especially for Classic Doom followers, try it yourselves.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10