Country: France
Title: Underground 'Till Death
Label: Epictural Production / Black Pandemie Production
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Black Death Metal

Cool EP title, I can totally relate to that! Infamy are a trio from Lille founded in 2011 and what we have here is the band's followup to their debut album, A World on Its End, released in 2018. 3 years after the band is back with a 6 tracks effort clocking a bit over 20 minutes of playing time released on two different labels and limited to only 200 copies. The EP starts with a very primitive and simplistic track lead by one of those riffs you play in your first day of learning the rhythm guitar, that kinda threw me off and made me think I won't have much to enjoy here, but starting with the second track things change and there's more depth in Infamy's compositions, more heaviness and although the complexity doesn't increase much, there's a certain experience that's shown throughout the rest of the tracks, and it all feels like a tribute to the old ways of Thrash, Black and Death Metal, heck there's even an instrumental track, and not one of those melodic interludes but a straight heavy piece of Doomy Thrash you feel the urge to headbang to. Bottom line I'd say it's cool how this EP progressed and shaped into something impressive, and although simple in composition, this is probably what fans of the "old ways" are looking for: fanatic, dirty, unpolished, fast paced, aggressive and hellish Metal!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10