Arkaid - Crematoria

Codename: Delirious - The Great Hart

Darkshire - Legends

Diabol Boruta - Czary

Die Entweihung - The Worst Is Yet to Come

Disillusive Play - Open Arms

Excruciation / Babylon Asleep - Split

Feriterium - Le dernier livre

Gigantomachia - Atlas

Harmdaud - Skarvor

Hellbutcher - Condemnatus Tormentum

Horizons Edge - Let the Show Go On

Iron Flesh - Forged Faith Bleeding

Komor Romok - Cryptoworm

Maestro - On the Run

Mastemey - Obraz pozorny

Orso - Paninoteca

Pathetic / Putrid - Devorando Carne Divina

Piledriver - The Boogie Brothers Live in Concert

Syrence - Freedom in Fire

The Elysian Fields - New World Misanthropia

This Void Inside - My Second Birth, My Only Death

Unhold - Here Is the Blood

Wolf Counsel - Destination Void

Wretch - Man or Machine