Aornos - 2014-2017 Tape Collection
Atra Vetosus - Even the Dawn No Longer Brings Hope
Beyond the Event Horizon - Leaving the 3rd dimension
Blackstream - Digital Perversion
Burguli - Runes
Cidesphere - Dawn of a New Epoch
Dark Zodiak - Ophiuchus
Drengskapur - Was der Morast verschlang
Druknroll - Freakingface
End of Mankind - Antérieur à la lumière
Fudge - Dust to Come
Furnace - Dark Vistas
Griverion - The Call of the Noose
Human Serpent - Heirlooms Eternal
Inhumanity Vortex - Reverse Engineering
Konigreichssaal - Witnessing the Dearth
Moeror - The Ghosts of Amour Propre
Mun - Presomnia
Old Black - Just Fucking Christ
One Day in Pain - Imperial Fires
Serpents - The Brimstone Clergy
The Deviant - Rotting Dreams of Carrion
Vacant Eyes - A Somber Preclusion of Being
Voluptas - Towards the Great White Nothing
Vrademargk - Arrelats
Witcher - Néma gyász
Xerion - O Nada no Caos Infinito - Danças de Agonia e Peste

Various Artists - Sounds of Hell Series Vol I