Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
MARTYR started in the early 80’s , 5 youngster from Utrecht, Netherlands that wanted to create a different style of metal that was already existing over here. We came together as a bunch of friends , average age not even 16 or so , recording some demo tapes of which the Metal Torture demo was very successful worldwide.  Soon after that we got ourselves a record deal and released the cult classic albums “For The Universe “ and “Darkness At Time’s Edge” . Also we were released on Metel Massacre VI by Metal Blade and Dutch Steel by Roadrunner Records. The band disbanded in 1987 to get back together again in 2001 fr a 1 time reunion and on multiple request rereleased the albums on CD later on. After that quite quickly great festivals like KIT and Headbangers Open Air knocked on our doors for reunion shows and we kept on going ever after . Touring with Lizzy Borden , Flotsam and Jetsam over Europe and many many other bands as well.  In 2009 we released our  “Fear” album , which is a 2 CD containing a complete new CD , new songs and a rerelease of For The Universe on request of Rusty Cage Records. After that in 2011 we released our album “Circle Of 8”on Metal Blade Records. But now , since March 31 our new album is out , called  “You Are Next” on Into The Limelight Records / pure Steel records which we are currently promoting by interviews and many live performances.
How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
It is always difficult to describe it in 1 type of metal style. As we do dome from the oldskool heavy metal era, during the years we have developed and are influenced by many other bands too. I think we are more thrashier now but still with that plain Heavy Metal flavour.  We are fusing the ingredients of past releases and modern elements to bring you a cocktail of deadly Heavy Metal.
Bands that influenced us in the 80’s are mainly Japanese metal bands like Loudness and US metal bands like the early Queensryche, Warlord. But we were also very much into Raven for example. Later on new influences came along , also by touring with bands like Flotsam and listening to bands like Lamb Of God.
Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Because we always try to be different, we are looking for our own style and yes, you will always be compared in what you do . But we give it not 100% but 200% to make the albums we do the albums that WE want to make. So we are stubborn, but we need to be satisfied with it first. What you can hear in our albums , is the diversity of the instruments. The music is full of energy. Give it a good listen. Besides that MARTYR has always been a hard working band, also live, giving the audience 200% , and being very interactive with the fans. The fans are more important than the band itself.
What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We have always received great response , and we are very happy ofcourse with that. As said we developed throughout the years and you can hear that especially on our last releases. Ofcourse you will find some people that like to hear the older stuff more then the new stuff but mainly we get a lot of good critics that we dare to change and dare to explore.
Our discography is as follows:
Dutch Steel 1984 (Roardrunner – Vinyl)
For The Universe 1985 (Megaton – Vinyl)
Darkness At Times Edge 1986 (Metalloid – Vinyl)
Metal Massacre VI 1985 (Metal Blade Records – Vinyl)
For The Universe rerelease 2004 (High Vaultage rerelease – CD)
Darkness At Times Edge  rerelease 2004 (High Vaultage rerelease – CD)
Fear 2009 (Rusty Cage Records – 2CD)
Circle Of 8 2011 (Metal Blade Records – CD)
You Are Next  2016 (Into The Limelight Records – CD + Vinyl)
For The Universe rerelease 2016 (High Roller Records - vinyl coloured)
Darkness At Times Edge rerelease 2016 (High Roller Records - vinyl coloured)
For The Universe rerelease 2016 (Classic Metal Records - CD South America)
Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
We do a lot of live shows, since our reunion shows we always played a lot in Benelux but in fact all over Europe. Festivals , supports, headliner shows. Our show si very energetic and interactive. Where fans some on stage to headbang with the band. Especially when we play out classic Speed Of Samurai the fans join us on stage and have a real good time. For 2017 we are aiming to play some shows in Japan.
What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
That we are an excellent live band mainly, we like to do more festivals, the bigger festivals so more people can see us , feel the energy and get to know MARTYR. The energy is always there whether we play for 50 , 500 or 5000 people. It is the same. We always get that response back, I think we have one of the best frontmen in the Netherlands always participating with the fans , joining the offstage , and the fans joining us onstage. Of course we are metal fans ourselves so , it is nice to interact.
What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
For now our plans as the album is just out is promoting it, doing interviews like these, playing live. Some shows are arranged and we are working on  more in also Greece and Portugal. Later on we’ll see when we start with writing new material and so on. Also our plan is to go to Japan and play there in 2017.
Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can go to , there you will find our latest video’s , music, and merch in the store.
Our latest video’s on You Tube are here : (Into The Darkest Of All Realms) and (Souls Breathe).
The album is out on Into The Limelight Records and can be bought everywhere , also on all digital platforms.
You can also visit : or
Our Facebook page is :

August 2016