Country: Germany
Title: Alpha / Omega
Label: Limb Music
Year: 2017
Style: Speed Power Metal

This band was founded back in 2013 but it members seem to have quite some experience underbelts, and since this is already their third full-length album, normally the expectances are high. 11 tracks (actually 10, but the CD version features an extra track, a mouthwatering cover of Exciter's Blackwitch) clocking 55 minutes of classic, epic Power Speed Metal that fortunately doesn't disapoint at all, maybe a bit on the originality side of things as you'll constantly feel like you've heard this and that before, but the production is top-notch, the compositions and execution are killer and the variety of the material as a whole is enough to keep your interest high from start to finish. The instrumental part is excellent, from the energetic drumming to the classy indeed (they advertise their music as classy Speed Metal) guitar work and solid bass lines, everything sounds right. The vocal part of the album is excellent, but the 9th track, Knutson III: Nemesis (I Am the Law), is the cherry on the cake, Alexx Stahl, the vocalist, also breaks into narration mood, and by the end of the track is joined by a lady that does a fantastic job portraying some sort of a witch (and it's clear she doesn't reach her full potential either), and the final guitar riffs are fuckin' neck-breaking, I tell you, I've replayed the final 2 minutes of this track a million times and I'm still fuelled by them, so yes, this is my fave track of the album. In my opinion this lady should be added to the permanent line-up of the band! As a conclusion, the album grows on you and becomes more and more a gem as time passes by, the band only needs to find something to gain originality and I think we'll have a global talent here, maybe the female backing vocals would be a good idea... wink
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10