Country: USA
Title: Cabin Fever
Label: Sinistrari Records
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Ok, it's bands like this that take generic Black Metal and give it their own spin, make it theirs, and its albums like this one that add originality to this so beaten up genre and actually add value to the movement. Might seem big words, but that's how I feel about this album by New Hampshire based Northern (former Cold Northern Vengeance) album, one that has nothing to do with the Norwegian Black Metal that gets mentioned everywhere there are talks about Black Metal, one that has an own identity and sound. Raw Black Metal ranging from slow and dragging to fast paced passages, Northern's compositions prove they can have taste and substance even without leaving this Raw Black Metal territory, unlike many other bands currently representing this genre just because it's cool and supposedly not needing special care and skills. The 7 tracks featured here (only clocking around 25 minutes in total) are diverse, expressive, honest sounding, and really impressing when coupled with the lyrics that tell the story of "man's failure to head nature's warnings"; freezing cold, ruthless, desolate, determined and convincing Raw American Pagan Black Metal that might easily become a milestone. I love it and obviously recommend it to you too!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10