Asaradel - A Dance of Pure Triumph

Bitchhammer - Offenders of the Faith

Desert Near The End - Of Fire and Stars

Doomster Reich - How High Fly the Vultures

Eternal Sacrifice - Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm

Extinction Remains - Smog

Hammergoat / Unholy Archangel - Unholy Wrath of Goat

Infamis - Wilcza rezurekcja / Irremeabilis Unda

Insurrection - Circles of Despair

Monarch - Sabbat Noir

Mysthicon - Into the Dark

Narsarakh - Prevail

Narsarakh - Thy Doomsday Lord Enthroned

Occultum - In Nomine Rex Inferni

Ruthless - Evil Within

Saturnus Terrorism - Pamphlet

Steel Night - Fight Till the End

Tarre - Unheil fan 'e klaai

The Black Sorcery - .​.​.​and the Beast Spake Death from Above

Throneum / StormVold - Fifth Column of Sheol