Algor / Aeon Winds - Za prahom vzdialených svetov​.​.​.
Alkimista - Cinzas
Arcaneblaze - Spawn of Putrefaction
Argesh - Excommunica
Breakhead - Allegiance to Materiality
Chaoshorde - Hordes Arising
Codex Nero - The Great Harvest of Death
Crypt Crawler - Future Usurper
Cryptobiosis - Chainsaw Crucifixion
Devil Seed - Devil Seed
Halo's Eve - Pitch Black Heaven
Hungry Wolf - Forgotten Frozen Lands
Idolos - Náa
Infected Chaos - Dead Aesthetics
Los que no respiran - Los que no respiran
Metator - Akocedakor
Pathogen - Ravages of the Tyrant
Steignyr - The Legacy of Wyrd
Teitan - Vakuum
Tetrarchate - With The Sole Acquiescence To Lead Us
The End A.D. - It's All In Your Head
Unburied - Hammer of Redemption
Vexovoid - Call of the Starforger
Zora - Soul Raptor