Country: Greece
Title: Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead
Label: Witching Hour Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

Man, these guys certainly deserve a medal or something; they've been around since 1989 offering a constant stream of releases, tons of demos, splits and EPs and above all full-length albums, this one being their 7th to date and the farthest apart from their previous since the band's foundation (the previous album, Into the Bloodemonium, was released in 2013). Keeping these into account I'd say the new album was at least fairly waited by the fans of the genre, at least by local fans, I'm sure. Onwards the Mystic Paths of the Dead was composed and delivered by Obsecration as a trio although there's a special appearance on the album by a lead guitarist called simply El, I have no idea who the guy is or if he's doing the lead guitars on all tracks or only on certain. The music is quite simplistic, organic sounding, visceral, old-school to sum it up in a single term. Mostly set to mid-tempo, with occasional outbursts of speed where the guitar leads and solos are really tasty, Obsecration's music might sound obsolete among all these bands competing to be the fastest, or the most brutal, or the most technical, or even the most melodic, as it has none of those features enhanced, but to me it sounds pretty damn perfect for the old-school characterization. The 11 tracks featured here are quite ugly and unappealing for a profane of the genre, but for the die-hard fans I'm sure they will provide plenty of enjoyable moments. Obsecration is one of those bands that fully deserve the support and attention a lot of these nowadays young bands get even if they're active for a demo or album only; a band that's so maniac to do Death Metal in the underground for more than 3 decades should be one hell of a role model for young bloods out there.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10