Abjection - Malignant Deviation
Astarium - Solar Despair
Baalberith - Manhunt
Black Hosts - Times of Eternal Torture
Cave Altar - Impermanence
Cresset - Obscurantism
Deprived of Salvation - Destination · Decay
Halter - The Principles of Human Being
Harakiri For The Sky - Maere
Heia - Magnum Opus
Lostregos - Onde Calan os Corazóns, Ruxen as Pedras
Moanaa - Embers
Molis Sepulcrum - Left for the Worms
Obsidian Mantra - Minds Led Astray
Omega - Nebra
Panzergoat - Selfdestruction Anthems
Prygla - Prygla
Putrescine - Optogram of the Depraved
Sarmat - RS-28
Taskforce Toxicator - Reborn in Thrash
Thanateros - Insomnia (Special Edition)
Valdaudr - Drapsdalen
Waxen - Blasphemer in Celestial Courts
Wind of the Black Mountains - Blasphemer in Celestial Courts
Xeper - Ad Numen Satanae
Zgard - Place of Power
А за Солнцем Луна... - На метле к звёздам

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