Country: USA / France
Title: Order of Eternal Indifference
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal / Dark Ambient

A most unusual split here between a 100% Death Metal band from USA and a Dark Ambient one-man-project from France, not something you see everyday.
Phalanx Inferno features Ronnie Palmer, the current drummer of both Brutality and Malevolent Creation among other notable bands, bassist Jake Holmes and guitarist Ziek Drachenfels from Morbosidad, and guitarist Tony Goyang from Trench Warfare, so a real super-group of Texas and Florida Extreme Metal scenes. We're treated with 4 tracks of brutal and extremely heavy, uncompromising old-school Death Metal featuring even those juicy, chaotic and dissonant guitar solos so specific for the end '80's - early '90's US Death Metal, and fronted by an excellent sounding vocalist that is Stewart George who also had a Thrash Death project not long ago, Abysmal. Man, this band sounds astonishing, and although one might expect that from veterans of the scene, this surpassed my expectations; the heaviness, bleakness, evilness and sheer aggression are something every old-school Death Metal fan is longing for. 
Melek-Tha is a legendary one man band from France started sometime in the early '90's, an extremely productive act in what concerns its discography, offering us here 5 tracks plus the release intro. A music that's mostly made on percussion, voices (ritualic speeches and choirs, eerie chants, clean voices, background screams, etc.) and effects building up an atmosphere that's a cross between purgatory, hell, cinematic horror and vivid murky sounds, all this coated with occult thematics. As an interesting fact, Paul Speckmann contributes with his voice on one of the tracks.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10   9/10