Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it.
Hi there! Thanks for the possibility of presenting my heresy on your zine! When it comes to the label Wydawnicto Muzyczne PSYCHO, I’m working with them since 2008. Its our 5th anniversary this year ;) But why since 2008? Because my buddies from THE THORN band recorded their genius album "Hermitage of Non-Divine”, but no one was interested with releasing it. I could not let this great material to waste, so I released it myself, this way starting Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho. When it comes to the genres that we promote, it’s mostly Death and Thrash metal, the stuff that excites me the most. The main motto of my label is: I only release stuff that I personally enjoy, and not what is popular at the moment. Before all that I co-managed some polish webzine, but since 2009 I’m working on a couple of different projects, so in addition to my label I also manage a paperback magazine "Tribal Convictions” and I play on a bass guitar in MORT DOUCE. So as you can see, I cant say that I’m bored ;-)

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase.
As I said before, for me the album „Hermitage of Non-Divine” is very important, because it’s when it all started.  But my other releases are as much important to me, and there are 41 titles out now, on CD’s and tapes. Add to it all the merchandise – shirts, hoodies, patches, pins, you can even buy from me a stylish hat for the coming winter ;-) I also have a great sentiment to the re-releases that I made available for the whole world: HAZAEL, BOREA and CRYPTIC TALES. I was able to save them from being forgotten and form me it is also a reason to be proud. Every new release with the logo of Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PSYCHO makes me happy. I’m sure that every fan of metal underground can find something interesting in my catalog. And no one can take from me the fact, that it was my label that released debut albums from bands like Swedish INTESTINAL, Spanish MASS BURIAL or Costa Rican INSEPULTO. When it comes to the availability of my releases,  on this moment only some single titles are sold out, so relax, everyone wanting a good record will be satisfied!
What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label?
For me, it’s all about the music,  a bands "way of life” is of secondary importance. As I said before, I only release the records  that I readily and often listen to, as a fan of metal genre. I release records which are often unpopular, from bands that are largely unknown,  whose level of artistry is often on par, or even higher than that of all this commercial shit that’s forcefully put out before us, by all the colorful music magazines. Since a record THE THORN to now released material  like CHAOS SYNOPSIS, DEATHSTORM or MASS BURIAL, every single record with Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PSYCHO logo is the work of me and the bands that trusted my humble person with their material. That’s what we should stick to, and remember about ;-)
How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration?
Overall I’m not too restrictive when it comes to the bands that want or would like to contact me. Everyone can try, but with different results. Myself, I’m a fan of oldschool European death metal, and such bands are my priority. I also love good thrash metal, I don’t mind stoner metal, doom metal, or black metal. But let me think – Definitely all bands that play ambient or gothic metal are not my interests. Those kind of bands should not bother to contact me, because I won’t be interested  in working with them.
What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands?
The point of keeping a label like Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho alive lies in a number of sold records.  Sadly, these days those numbers are getting lower and it’s hard to cost/profit balance at zero with every single release – so working on such label should be considered a very expensive hobby. Anyways, I don’t feel any pressure with becoming a mainstream label, I can’t afford to sign any stars, and I try to keep clear of bands that try to impose bloated conditions on contracts. I work in the underground, with a very restricted budget, and this doesn’t give you much leeway. But I assure you, that I always try to do everything to make the bands that put their material in my hands happy with the results.
Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed?
There are a couple of those. First of all, I’d like to release something on the best medium for metal music – the vinyl record. Privately I’m a maniac vinyl collector, id I’ve loved this form of media since early 1980! My second dream is to be able to make the distribution of my releases a bit better.  Sadly, I haven’t worked on this distribution issue to much, and I would like to be able to release my records all over the world. In spite of that, my records can be bought without any problems in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Brasil or Czech Republic, so overall it’s not so bad, but it could’ve been better. If anyone would like to help me to make my distribution network better – contact me. Maybe we can figure something out!
How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us?
When it comes to my future plans, they don’t go that far. I live here and now, from one release to the next. Recently  I’ve released #9 Tribal Convictions’zine, which is available with a professionally mixed tape containing a 60 minute collection of excellent music. In a moment a new record of my band MORT DOUCE will be released – an oldschool death metal , which should find a large range of fans. It should be pointed out, that this year I released such great records as newest album of Brazilian Chaos Synopsis, Mass Burial and amazing debut record from Deathstorm. So 2013 was a very active and abundant year when it comes to various musical experiences! I hope that next year, at least musically, won’t be worse!
How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. 
You can contact me by various means. Today, the best and simplest way is to write me an email. I also enjoy a traditional form of correspondence – written letter. Most of the details, e-mail address and stuff like that you can find on those links:,

January 2014