Reanimator is a band based out of Canada and they just released a very impressive release called “Horn’s Up” and here is an interview I did with band member Patrick:

How did the band form and were any of you in any other bands?
The band was formed in 2005 by Patrick Martin (Actual Lead Singer) and Maxime Cormier (Ex-Bass Player) with Julien Couture (Guitar), Etienne Boucher (Guitar) and Alex Gascon (Drums). Since the formation of the band, the line-up has change a couple of times and Patrick is still leading Reanimator with Frank Labelle on drums, Joel Racine and Ludovic Bastien on Guitars and Fred Bizier on Bass.

How is the underground music scene in Canada these days? How is the thrash scene too?
The Canadian scene,  mostly in Quebec, is very active. There is plenty of great bands, in every subgenre of metal running their business. The Thrash scene here in Quebec is very active with bands like Alcoholator, Mutank, Openyourmind, Riotor, Eternal Judgment, Chemical Way, ect. There are some legendary bands still alive like Voivod, Anonymus, BARF and Soothsayer.

What were the early days of the band like? Did you start off fooling around with cover tunes?
In 2004-2005 we we're a couple of friends from high school doing Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax  covers, and then we started to write our own material under the name of Reanimator, to finally record our first Demo "Living For Murder" in 2005.

When did you begin to write originals and how does a song come together?
Back then, in 2005 the main writer was Maxime Cormier, the bass player. He wrote songs inspired by  bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Iron Maiden, etc.

Have you played live much yet and who have you shared the stage with so far in your career?
Since 2005, we did a couple of hundreds shows around Canada and even in Eastern Europe in 2014. We shared the stage with bands like Voivod, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Brutal Truth, Cauldron, Martyr, Disfear, and much more.

How long as the band been around before you went into record your “Horns Up” release?
The band is 10 years old this year, we released 1 demo, 2 ep's and 2 LP since the creation of the band.

What studio did you go in and how smoothly did the recording go for this? Were all the songs pretty much ready to go when you went into the studio?
We recorded the album at the Badass Studio here in Quebec, with our good friend Jeff Fortin, a well known producer here in Quebec. The sessions went well, and all the songs we're already pre-produced by ourselves into our home studio.

I know it is a self-released release. Do you plan on sending it to any record companies to see if they might possibly release it?
We're not running after labels, we like to do business by ourselves. If there is any interesting offers coming to us we will consider it.

How does the writing of a song come together and who writes the music and who writes the lyrics and what are some of the things you write about?
Most of the songs on "Horns Up" were written by Fred, except for "The Abominautor" that was written by Ludovic and "Mock a Mockingbird" that was written by Joel. All the lyrics were written by Pat and most of them are about self experiences and created characters. There is no concept to the album in general.

I know the release has not been out long, but how has the response been so far as I love it?
We're very proud of this new album and we're very pleased to see that most of our fans love it!

When you hear a song, what do you listen for and in your eyes and ears, what makes a good song?
Personally, as a singer, i'm listening to the vocals. A song with a good catchy chorus is the best. If you sing the song in your head after listening to it, you know it's a good song!

Does the band have any goals for itself?
Our only goal is to fuckin' rock! We're planning to do some tours, in the upcoming months/years. We really enjoy being on the road!

Around how much time in any given week is spent doing band related stuff?
Being the singer, manager, booker of the band, I'm spending a LOT of time on band related stuff, but I love it, I wouldn't do it if it wasn't a passion!

How did you come up with the band name and the album title release?
Back in 2005, we were young and we told ourselves that we should Reanimate Thrash Metal.  We also loved H.P Lovecraft horror movies entitled Re-Animator.  For the album title, I can't really say how it came, one band member dropped it out and we told ourselves that it's the perfect album title!

For those who have never heard of the band, what would you say you sound like and do you feel you’re an original band?
We're a Thrash Metal band merging old school and new school elements. For fans of Exodus, Annihilator, Megadeth.

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Thanks very much for doing this interview and any last words the floor is yours.  

Interview by Chris Forbes

July 2015