After the news of the “break up” between Steph Benfante and the Theatres Des Vampires, we decided to interview him to know something more about his decision, but even to know his programs for the future, since he started a new musical project, as guitarist and composer, called ShadowThrone.

What brought you to abandon Theatres des Vampires? We heard it was because of the changing of style and genre of the band, that now tends to be more “electronic”. 
Actually, it was a while I was thinking about it... I suddenly started to write some new material closer to my style, and then I realised that I was ignoring the new Theatres des Vampires' album! So I decided to drop out, so I couldn't damage them. In the last years, the band always had an electronic component, that started to modify the style and the sound differently than the previous works: it was a sound in which I wasn't at ease. I'm sure that it will be an amazing album, but I hadn't the input to be part of it.

Your new project, “ShadowThrone”, on which branch of black or death is “located” and which artists inspired your compositions?
I've always listened to 90's black metal, years of the best albums of the genres. Most of all Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Ancient, first Cradle of Filth, Bathory, first Marduk... When I started to write my material, the influence of these historical bands was major: almost a tribute!

We heard that the members of the ShadowThrone are already members of other bands as Brvmak and Thunderdogs. Do you think that this is going to be negative for the band?
I hope it's not... I don't think so! They're quite different bands and we have almost nothing in common. It's just a matter of will and time.

On your official page, we read about an upcoming EP: can you give us some teasers?
It's a self-produced EP/DEMO, entitled “Through the Gates of the Dead Sun”, containing the first songs I wrote, few years ago. They're very symphonic and atmospheric. The EP has the participation with Finnish composer and musician Samuli Toumas Makel, guitarist of Kara Darahu! But this is just an EP... We're going to write a full-lenght album!

Do you have something particular in mind for this new band?
Lot of projects... For now, we're recording a single that, I hope, will anticipate the full-lenght album! We're planning few dates, that I hope will be confirmed. Let's say that we have a lot work on and I love this thing. The romantic side of starting all over over again is that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You can do whatever you want.

We will see some important collaboration?
Aside from Samuli T. Makela, in the meantime, I'm “flirting” with an artist I've always admired and with who I had the chance to share the stage in te past... But for now I can't say anything. Better write some new material. 

When can we see you live for the first time?
I hope soon. Soon we receive confimation for some dates in november/december!! For any news you can visit the official Facebook page of the band:
Thank you!!!

Interview by Martina Fiorini

October 2015