Country: France
Title: Sea Black
Label: M & O Music
Year: 2017 
Style: Black Metal

After 6 years since their debut album titled Snow Black, Sinlust are back with the followup material, Sea Black, an album made of 8 tracks totaling over an hour of music. These guys' type of Black Metal is quite far from the traditional core of the genre as we know it, it's more progressive and open to new sonorities all the time so that in the end I'd say it's quite an easy listening, suitable for many categories of listeners. For the Black Metal fans though I think this will be a bit of disappointment though, apart from the abrasiveness of the vocals and the occasional blast-beat drumming, there's not much aggression and ferocity, and as a "bonus" the vocals become quite dull after a while, there's a serious lack of versatility in the vocal sector from start to finish with the exeption of very few (nice sounding) clear vocals insertions that should have been used much more. The compositions are like created to show the potential and technique the guitar sector has, but while doing this they miss building a strong, involving, interesting atmosphere, I think a band should be more than showing technical skills, should build and transmit emotions. There's potential in this band, but on this album they failed to impress me, try it yourselves you might be of another opinion.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10