Country: Norway
Title: Rotting Dreams of Carrion
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2020
Style: Black Death Metal

Only two years after the release of their second studio album, The Deviant return with a new opus made of 8 tracks and clocking 35 minutes of clean-cut Black Death Metal. If you don't know the band you should know it is fronted by Gehenna founding member, bassist / vocalist Dolgar, so his raspy, sinister vocal tone will stand out from the start. As a change from the previous albums, this one is the first where The Deviant are acting as a trio even though from song-writing point of view there's not much change, Bomber still takes care of most of the music and Doglar takes care of most lyrics still. As I said, we're treated with a traditional blend of Black and Death Metal but with plenty of variety and interesting elements to avoid being considered generic-sounding. The rhythms range from mid to mostly fast paced, the drums are intense and hellishly-pounding, there's plenty of that good old game between two guitars on riffs and leads (even though they are three, Violator and Bomber both take care of guitars on this album), the bass lines are subtle but supporting, but you can easily follow them if you want to, as for the vocals, they are not versatile at all, but knowing Dolgar you know what he brings to the table, and all this served with a spot on excellent production. One other thing I'd like to mention: the guitar solos, a mix between US and Swedish styled Death Metal type of solos, sometimes melodic, sometimes sinister. All in all this is a solid new output by The Deviant, don't expect innovative stuff here, but expect a music that will bring the stench of death into your home, basically an accurate representation into music of the album's cover artwork.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10