Country: UK
Title: Streets of Chance
Label: Battlegod Productions / Norvox
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Hard Rock / AOR

Wow, this is a real surprise, and I'm not talking about Tony Mills releasing his 5th solo album, but about the label he released it on, Battlegod Productions, one that is known mostly for its Extreme Metal releases, far from the soft and melodic Rock Tony Mills offers to his followers. I guess the oportunity just arised and it was one impossible to miss occations so that Battlegod and Norvox, a new company from Norway, teamed up to offer the ex-TNT and Shy vocalist the best they could do. This new album features musicians who worked or used to work with such legends as Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Paul diAnno, just to name a few, so experienced and high-profile session musicians who helped shaping up this entertaining, bright, sometime memorable piece of Melodic Rock / AOR, and Tony Mills voice is the perfect cherry on top of this cake, he sounds absolutely in control of everything here giving us the impression all here is well-thought, well-aimed and well-delivered. Unfortunately what the album misses is the track or tracks to stand out, something to be regarded as the definite single of the album, it feels like everything is well done, indeed, but it's not shining. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -