Country: Various
Title: Poisoned / Death Invoker / Paganfire / Pathogen / Deathly Scythe
Label: Bestial Invasion Records
Year: 2020
Style: Thrash Black Death Metal

Very cool idea to spread this 5-way split together with issue 35 of cult Polish print zine Necroscope, I find it very unusual and at the same time very rewarding for Adam's hard work with the zine for so many years, like and label the bands paid homage to one of the eldest underground warriors in Europe. Kudos for this idea!
Note: as the tracks timings differ from what's on Metal Archives compared to what's on the actual CD, and there are no lyrics printed in the booklet itself, I have to rely on the tracks order listed on the inlay and identify the bands according to it.
Poisoned from Poland, a trio consisting of Goat Tyrant and Putrid Evil members, that have debuted in 2016 with a full-length album on Fallen Temple, Beyond the Gates of Fire, but soon after went through a hiatus for a few years. The two new tracks opening this split are a sample of mid-tempo to fast paced Thrash Death Metal a la first part of the '90's, with a good enough production but still keeping things raw and organic as probably they intended it. Powerful and dark, heavy pounding, lead by a comprehensive evil vocal, and introduced by a melodic acoustic guitar passage.
Next are Death Invoker from Peru, a band that was founded back in 2005 but that so far failed to release a full-length album relying on demos, EPs and splits. The two new tracks featured here are a mix of Speed, Thrash and Death Metal, fast and furious, a la '80's, dirty, cruel, raw and unedited; it feels like it was recorded in one take and sent out to the World. Evil and headbanging-friendly, but not enough to stand out from the crowd.
Paganfire from the Philippines and next, themselves relying through the years on countless EPs, demos and splits and having released only 1 full-length album in 2013. Judging by what I hear on this split they truly deserve and should release some more studio albums, their music reminds me of the South American legends of the '80's: (mostly old) Sepultura, Sarcofago and Vulcano. Same devastating energy, evil attitude, catchy compositions, a must hear for any fans of abovementioned bands, and absolutely no wonder why they are present almost everywhere you look through the raw Underground!
Pathogen from the Philippines are next and actually they seem like Siamese twins with Paganfire: almost the same age, same intensive presence on the scene, same intensity in compositions. The differences are the 5 full-length album Pathogen managed to release so far, and the genre they play, which is a Thrashing Death Metal with chaotic, uncompromising attitude reminding of the early steps of this genre.
Ending this split are Deathly Scythe, a Chilean duo I wasn't familiar with until now, although they were founded back in 2007. Fast and brutal Thrash Death Metal, highly energetic, chaotic, raw, a devastating discharge of pure hate from start to finish, no compromises, no melodic passages, no compassion.
All in all this is an excellent release for fans of evil, old-school, raw Thrash Death Black Metal, but only for the initiated, a release that goes hand in hand with the overall approach of Necroscope zine.
Reviewed by Adrian
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