Please present your label, when and where was it started, who is involved in its activities and what genres are promoted by it.
- I started in 1987 with compilation tapes and made them about six years, those tapes includes thrash/speed metal and punk like nowadays our releases. In other words, we release music what I like to listen by myself.

Tell us a few words on each or the most important releases of your label, and which of them are still available for purchase.
- Well, every release are important to me but if I must to say some highlights then I choose EXSECRATUS licensing to Japan and being on the Official Chart Top-40 there for example. Another great things are cassette licensing of PYURIA to Singapore and ORANSSI PAZUZU cassette and vinyl licensings too of course. We released one 7” two years ago too and it was cool because I am so old school guy. Most of our releases are still available, only couple of them are marked "Sold out” for reason or another, some bands are split-up too and it’s always sad.

What are the most important features you look for in a band that is or has the chance to be signed on your label?
- Just music is important. If I like the music it is always first step to signing. Of course we skip lot of great bands all the time, for example if band comes from other country than Finland we don’t release it because market here are too small and closed from the little labels (corrupted by major labels and distributors  .

How can a band get in touch with you? What should bands know before submitting their promos for your consideration?
- They can send demo/promo via traditional post or give me a download link and so on. Nowadays we don’t use but if music is listenable in Facebook or Youtube we can check it out.

What's the most important thing in the relationship between you and your bands? What is your label offering to its bands?
- Our relationship between me and bands are quite warm and close, I hope so. We offer label’s "status”, official releasing, distribution, "know how” and this kind of things. But we are not gig booker.

Is there anything you planned with your label and has not yet been completed?
- Well as I said, we are released in many formats but maybe DVD is something what I want to release someday, even they are so last season like CD’s are nowadays, I think. 

How does the future looks for your label? Any major projects you would like to share with us?
- Future not seems better or worse than past, we are been quite small always.

How can anyone get in touch with you? Please list your website, webstore and/or social media links. (there is store/shop too)
I don’t say myspace addresses anymore because I stopped updating of them

Thanks for the interview !


March 2012