Country: Italy
Title: Mot
Label: Nadir Music
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Death Metal

Trevor Nadir and Tommy Talamanca, both Sadist members, made their mark on this new album from Will'O'Wisp, with Trevor being the producer with his Nadir Music label, and Tommy the sound engineer, so at least to Death Metal fans this should be an extra incentive in testing this album out. Anyway, even without the two names thrown in the pot, Will'O'Wisp are a household name on themselves being around since 1992 (with a decade of hiatus though), and releasing 4 full-length albums prior to this one. Mot is seemingly centered around ancient mesopotamian mythology when it comes to its lyrics and visual aspect, but when it comes to the music on it, it has little or nothing to do with anything ancient, on the contrary, Mot presents a very progressive and experimental kind of Death Metal stretched in all parts all the time, reaching dissonant structures that might seem out of place, but they are actually hard to digest and tough to break, I'm sure fans of the genre will be impressed. The frantic drums passages, the Progressive Jazz Rock sounding bass upfront passages, the operatic influences/inserts and the sinister atmospheres they manage to create at times are my favorite elements on Mot, but Will'O'Wisp are complex in all aspects, their music will challenge you, and even though there are 11 tracks crammed in less than 35 minutes of playing time and you might think the music will feel discontinued, it's actually quite steady flowing. The only thing I didn't like ws the album artwork, I think it could have been clearer and more attractive to the eye, especially in the booklet pages.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10