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6TH AWAKENING signed with Tmina / Grom Records
6th Awakening sign with TMINA Records part of Grom Records

Swedish Extreme Metal machine 6th Awakening have signed a deal with  Tmina Records for the release their debut album "Psycho Path".

6th Awakening stated: "The band now signed with Grom/Tmina Records. In collaboration between the parties the album Psycho Path will be released in the first quarter of 2012. The various influences from members of the band have affected the sound over the years to ultimately even out into a head-on hard but dynamic sound which is reflected in the album. Psycho Path has been allowed to take the time needed to fully emerge in the way sought after and 6th Awakening in cooperation with Grom/Tmina is proud to announce the upcoming release.”

TMINA Records/Grom Records stated: "Swedish Extreme Metal domination! That’s what I had on my mind after very first checking  of 6th Awakening  sound. No matter what style those guys are playing there it’s mostly high-class, direct and powerful! So the same goes with 6th Awakening and their debut full-length "Psycho Path”. More than clever made arrangements, perfect balances between various extreme styles where sharpness of  Thrash Metal meets Death brutality and all together goes into straight in the head Blackish grimness. Perfect package of extreme Metal crowned by amazing various vocals screamed out  from wicked female singer Lovisa. I’m more then proud that our newborn label Tmina Records will have it’s 1st Awakening with such a perfect example what extreme Metal is as 6th Awakening offered on "Psycho Path”. Take a ride with us!” 
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