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Abyss Records announce new release
Abyss Records to Release Sincera's Cursed and Proud

Abyss Records will release a very special album from Norway's SINCERA later this autumn. The first recorded release in FESTER's Bjørn "Tiger" Mathisen Fester was involved in 17 years will be called Cursed and Proud and will include a remastered version of the unreleased Tall and Proud demo and four live tracks, as the true essence of SINCERA is found in stage performance. The live recordings were taken from a 9mm hand held video camera and have been left untouched in their original filth and rawness. Artwork comes courtesy of Luciferian War Graphics. The music of SINCERA references a mixture of old Rotting Christ, Fester, Dissection and  
Norwegian Death Metal.

1- Tall and Proud
2- A Griever's Soul
3- Cursed (Could Have Been Such A Beautiful Word If Not Thrown Upon By Others)
4- Blinded
Live in the Essence...
5- Die Like Jesus Christ
6- Where Am I !?!
7- Move
8- Smell of fear
9- Byron Lawless *
* Bonus track: Made as an enterance song for the infamous Norwegian wrestler Byron Lawless...

During the years before the resurrection Fester's Bjørn "Tiger" Mathisen and Thomas Andresen played in a band called SINCERA. Formed in 2002, the band was meant as a side project with members from local metal bands such as Decipher, Fester, Wither, Psychotic Pain, and Algol. Playing a more furious, more aggressive style of Black/Death, SINCERA tapped into some of the more aggressive feelings that the members had, yet some Fester-ish and slow moments are kept as well.  
Bjørn "Tiger" Mathisen - Guitars
Thomas Andresen - Vocals, Bass
Thomas Aamodt - Guitars,Zynth
Lars Erik Duserud - Battery

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