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Agonia Records signs Acrimonious

The Greek worshippers of the ancient cult - ACRIMONIOUS - signed to Agonia Records upon release of their upcoming 2nd album. 
Prior to release of the new album, the debut Purulence will be released on a noble vinyl (Kriss Hades' exclusive artwork, extensive vinyl sized booklet & layout by Timo Ketola).
The union of Acrimonious exalts the four hundred ninety six thousand yellow eyes of Levyatan through mantras and mandalas, executed through guitar, drum and oracular voice.
Comprised of Cain Letifer, Acherontas and Ar-Ra’d al-Iblis, the holy Kula has shaped a full length album namely Purulence, which was released by "The Ajna Offensive”. Other materializations include the Broken Bonds of Balance 7” ep by the cult label Nuclear Winter Records and Perdition Gospel (Salvation Distro/Nuclear Winter Records).
The new -yet untitled- album focuses mostly on the feminine aspect of the Adversarial path , but also presents hints and direct references to the solar centre of consiousness through traversing the paths of Drakonian Alkhemy via their respective spheres. Acrimonious is the vessel of the Gods, roaring and trembling through the ever potent medium of Black Metal.

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