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August update

Pest Webzine update:

Interview with the legendary Swedish Death Metal band SORCERY



Blitz Quitz interview with German Melodic Metalcore act ENFEEBLE



Blitz Quitz interview with German Melodic Metal band ENVINYA



Blitz Quitz interview with Psychedelic Stoner Rock Metal band HOWLING GIANT



Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Progressive Thrash Metallers MEDEVIL



Blitz Quitz interview with Spanish Brutal Death Metal band THE ANTHAGONIST



Blitz Quitz interview with Punk Hardcore Thrash Metal band TMHM



Blitz Quitz interview with US based Stoner Doom Metallers VOID KING



Spanish Brutal Death Metallers THE ANTHAGONIST present us their latest release, When Bloody Sunset Arrives



German Doom Metal outfit UNDILUTED talk about their debut album, The Withering Path



New reviews published HERE:

3rd Machine - Quantified Self
A Forest - Worn Out
A Monumental Black Statue - Excelsior
Abrogation - Tief schwarz blutig rot
Aodon - Sharphood
Arsirius - Lvdi Incipiant
Astarium - In the Nebulous Sky
Atroce - In Obscuritas
Blerthrung - Blindvei
Briargh - Eboros
Celtic Dance - Regressus ad Uterum
Cepheide - Respire
Dakhma - Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity)
Dark Fury - This Story Happened Before
Darkness / Earth Plague - Demonic Blessings
Divine Blasphemy - Beyond the Portal
Divine Weep - Tears of the Ages
Dominanz - Noxious
Drudkh / Hades Almighty - One who walks in the fog / Pyre Era, Black!
E.D.E.N. - Fauste hoch
Eclipse - Clandestine Resurrection
Emphasis - Revival
Eradikal Insane - Mithra
Ereb Altor - Blot·Ilt·Taut
Exalter - Obiturary for the Living
Hypnos - Heretic Commando – Rise of the New Antikrist
Kausalgia - Dreamquest
Kvalvaag - Malum
L'Endevi - Don't Go Back
Lysa Gora - To i Hola
Odour of Death - Odour of Death
Order To Ruin - Where Future Shadows Unfold
Panychida - Haereticalia - The Night Battles
Saxorior - Saksen
Shroud of Satan - At the Behest of Time
Stormstone - Heirs of All Fights
Svartelder - Pyres
Temtris - Enter the Asylum
Thundra - Angstens Salt
Underdamped System - Phantom Pain
Vampyromorpha - Fiendish Tales of Doom

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