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AVULSED announces upcoming live dates

Avulsed issued the following press-release:

AVULSED is finally playing in Colombia, perhaps the country in the whole South America where the band has a stronger fan base. Thanx to Alex Okendo from the mighty MASACRE and also MORBID MACABRE, the band was selected to headline this year's edition of the ALTAVOZ Festival in Medellin on Sunday 16th of October together with bands like MORBID MACABRE, VITAM ET MORTEM, ETERNAL and WITCHTRAP. This festival is a really huge one that always gathers not less than 10.000 metalheads. 

      Also, the day before, on the 15th, AVULSED has been invited by Daniel from the legendary colombian act PURULENT, to headline the 10th anniversary of BOGOTA Deathfest alongside with SUPPURATION, VEHEMENTER, CARNAL BLASPHEMY, INBREEDING SICK, HOLY SHIT B.S.E. and ATHANASE GENOCIDE. Both shows are going to be something really brutal and memorable!!

      But a week before that, AVULSED is playing in one of Germany's best uprising festivals like it is WAY OF DARKNESS. 

      And most probably this will be all regarding shows for this year, but in 2012, during the first months there will be a bunch of shows around Spain, still to be confirmed, in places like Granada, Murcia, Mallorca, Asturias, Cantabria… and then the strongest ones will follow!! First another performance at Portugal's 15th anniversary of SWR Festival (www.swr-fest.com) and later on, what's perhaps the biggest festival ever to have the pleasure of counting with AVULSED on its stages: HELLFEST!! (www.hellfest.fr)

      In the meantime, the band decided to cancel the release of their 20th anniversary CD "Fleshcube" mainly because there were several problems regarding the recording sessions and that delayed the whole project to the point that it was going to be impossible to release it for this year, so… who knows, perhaps for our 25th anniversary!! 

      However, this cancellation was taken in a positive way, because this helped the band to concentrate in the songwriting of their upcoming album "Ritual Zombi" whose recordings are planned for spring/summer 2012. Although some labels have already shown interest on signing AVULSED, the band won't take any decision about it until more offers are being received and then will carefully check one by one in order not to commit another mistake like it was done with their previous album "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)" which suffered of total lack of care regarding distribution & promotion from Metal Age Prod. in Europe and Ibex Moon Rec. in the US. Luckily it was released in time by Xtreem Music, which saved this magnific album. But for the next full length, AVULSED is still looking for a suitable partner, so any interested record label, please get in touch with the band at info@avulsed.com

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