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BELIEVER working on new album
BELIEVER currently writing new album!

Legendary technical metal act, BELIEVER, are currently in the process of writing their fifth album. It's their third for Metal Blade Records and the follow up to 2011's Transhuman, which was heavily spun on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal and received stellar reviews in print and online. BELIEVER also performed at last year's New England Metal and Hardcore fest. Since then, the band has been writing new material.

Founding member Kurt Bachman elaborates; "As we begin the writing process, I feel that this will be the most sensual of all Believer releases. Once again we are striving to create something unique, while not throwing away any riff just because it might not fit the typical Believer mold. This is part of the process we love and hate. We love being creative, yet we place intense pressure on ourselves to write something we'll enjoy hearing and playing at least 2060 times. Of course, we are sticking to our two main goals: 1) Have fun and 2) Don't die in the process."

While Bachman's goals don't seem all that lofty, the band is well known for their challenging and thought-provoking material, as seen on their previous two Metal Blade efforts, Gabriel and Transhuman. Updates regarding art and music will be made available within the coming months. Make sure to follow the band on facebook and twitter for the most immediate updates.

BELIEVER has gained worldwide recognition for their boundary-breaking, artistic form of extreme metal. Joined by bands Cynic and Pestilence, Roadrunner Records pushed a prog-metal/thrash campaign with the three bands called, "The Breed Beyond" and solidified BELIEVER among the ranks of unique, creative musical acts. The centerpiece of their 3rd release, Dimensions, was a metal opera that brought them great praise from fans and musicians worldwide and threw open the doors to collaborations between metal and orchestral musicians and sealed the band's legacy.

Kurt Bachman – Guitar, Bass, Vocals 
Jeff King – Keyboards, Guitar
Kevin Leaman – Guitar
Joey Daub – Drums

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