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Black Epiphany to release new album

Black Epiphany's new album "Catatonic Utopia" will be released on Tuesday, June 7th 2011. This album will be available to download for free on the Black Epiphany Facebook page www.facebook.com/blackepiphanyoden. The song "Solitary" features guest vocalist Sarah Long. We asked Alex about Sarah and here's what he had to say,

" Sarah did an outstanding job on the song "Solitary". Her beautiful voice really compliments the dark and haunting mood of the song. After sitting down and just listening to the entire album beginning to end I'd have to say that "Solitary" stands out as my favorite because of her great voice. She does a vocal melody at the beginning of the song that still sends shivers down my spine."

Here is the complete track list for "Catatonic Utopia".

1. Unbound (4:02)
2. A Shadow of Myself (5:28)
3. Devoured By Psychosis (3:04)
4. Eternal Union (4:50)
5. In My Dreams (4:41)
6. Catatonic Utopia (5:47)
7. The New Beginning (4:09)
8. The Secrets of Your Soul (5:38)
9. Solitary (4:17) w/ guest vocalist Sarah Long
10. Prelude to the End (4:05)
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