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Blacksmith recording new album

U.S. cult metal band Blacksmith from Albany, N.Y are back in the studio, working on new tracks for a future album of all new material. Lead by original member David Smith (guitar) and the return of Malcolm "Mania” Lovegrove ( "Fire from Within" era) on vocals. Rhythm section of John Dodge (bass) and drummer Michal Craig, whom both in the last version of the band, round out the project. Blacksmith have already recorded several new songs over the past couple of months. 
Smith reports, "we have about seven new heavy tracks in the can, Malcolm came in and has just been great adding his vocal and contributing ideas for the songs, after so many years, the moment we heard the playback, the sound was Blacksmith!”
"Label owner Jeremy Golden put us in touch with one another, one thing led to another and we began to getting together some ideas, with these ideas we got on the same page again, let’s make some music, have fun , get our past music out there, make some new noise and trouble, play live again and kill! The real test was the studio, things just clicked.” -Malcolm

The reformation came about due to Heaven and Hell Records future reissue of the original Blacksmith EP and the first full length album "Fire from Within" on the label’s Lost Relic series. The archived material will be re-mastered in an elaborate collectors’ package including photo galleries, enhanced material and a DVD of never before seen live footage of the early eras of the band.
In addition to the Lost Relics release, Heaven and Hell Records plan to issue the unreleased album "Time Out of Mind” recorded in 1990.
Smith states, "This album was written and recorded while we were touring with the F.F.W. release, the music got bigger, heavier and Malcolm and I think was some of our best stuff! The bands label Tropical Records folded before the release saw the light of day, never to hit the boards and leading to the breakup of the band in 1992.”
With last year’s announcement of the Heaven and Hell Records Blacksmith releases word has spread quickly, immediately gaining interest and festival offers. The Band has been fielding offers for live festival dates in Germany and looking for that type of live global exposure for future shows.
Smith adds, "We don't care if we are on stage at dawn, noon or 4:00 A.M., be it the blazing sun, or English downpour, we want to be out there."
With the Heaven and Hell Records releases, new music being recorded, and live dates and festivals appearances being planned, Blacksmith is hoping to get back out and get loud.

"From all of this we are working as a band again, Smith confirms "Myself, Malcolm and John Dodge are definitely operating as Blacksmith.” - Smith

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