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BLODARV about Satanism and Black Metal

HUGIN, front man and founder of the Danish Black Metal band BLODARV, is featured in a book on Danish Subculture by PETER GRØNULND, the author of "Sub-Land" (Gyldendal 2005) and Eurotrash (Bogkompagniet 2009).  Due to be published on the 2nd October by Bogkompagniet,   "SUBKULTUR - Undergrund og Modkultur" explores themes such as Black Metal & Satanism, the Goth and Psychobilly movements and Hooliganism and Anarchism, through a series of essays and interviews with central figures from the various subcultures who discuss their respective values, attitudes and styles. 

BLODARV’s HUGIN was a natural choice to feature in the chapter on Satanism and Black Metal, and his participation resulted in a fifteen page interview that includes photos and some lyrics by the musician.   HUGIN says of the project:  "I was initially very interested in Peter’s whole concept about how Black Metal and Satanism fit into Danish Subculture, because it had never been done before in such an in-depth way. After speaking with him, I agreed to take part, because I was confident that he would produce a serious, well balanced and objective view on the subject, without it being either dry or academic, or sinking into the quagmire of sensationalism that most writers fall into when they discuss Black Metal and Satanism”.        

Since its formation in 1999 as a solo project by HUGIN ( EX-SKJOLD, ARANTRUTH and ESSOUPI), BLODARV has expanded with a full live and recording line up which today includes HUGIN himself on vocals and guitars,  SATINAE MA on female vocals, PEST (ex EXCIDIUM & DARK INTENSIONS) on guitars, HUUL (TAAGEFOLKET) on Bass, and session member YNLEBORGAZ (ANGANTYR, VARDLOKKUR) on drums. The band has produced a total of eleven releases to date, in various formats, including the multimedia "Linaria Amlech” in 2006 and the band’s latest album "Civitas Diaboli in 2009. BLODARV still remains, though, very much the vehicle for HUGIN’s imagination by bringing his innermost thoughts and emotions to life through the music.  His poetry, which becomes the band’s lyrics, leads the listener into a dark, evil, demonic world, peopled by lost souls, witches and demons.

HUGIN is currently working on new material for the next BLODARV full-length album, and in the interim, the band will feature on a split release due out in late 2010.  More information about BLODARV can be found on the band’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/blodarv  
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