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Brutally Deceased streaming entire debut album online
Brutally Deceased streaming entire debut album online

Czech death metal quartet, Brutally Deceased, is currently streaming online its first LP entitled "Dead Lovers' Guide". If you cherish raw, savage old school death metal in the genuine Swedish tradition you can check out the music by heading over to band's Bandcamp (http://brutallydeceased.bandcamp.com/) or Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/brutallydeceased/sets/dead-lovers-guide) page.

The album was recorded in April, 2010 and consequently released on CD format by Lavadome productions in September. Furthermore, a vinyl release of "Dead Lovers' Guide" is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2011.

Album track listing:

1. Lustful Sodomy In The House Of God 2:50
2. Dead Lovers' Guide 2:23
3. Blissful Desecration 4:23
4. They Shall Feast 3:29
5. ...And Here I Die Satisfied 4:29
6. A Life Once Aborted 3:00
7. Demise Of The Human Swine 4:38
8. All That Rots And Withers 3:09
9. Override Of The Overture (Dismember cover) 4:48
Total time: 33:10
Current line-up: Zlababa - vocals, Tomas - guitars, Burak - bass, Stefy - drums
Some of the members also pursue other musical activities in Heaving Earth, Psychotic Despair, Jig-Ai.
For more news and information about live appearances, visit band's Facebook or Myspace page.

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