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CHAOS INCEPTION set to release new album
Lavadome Productions to Release Chaos Inception's The Abrogation

Lavadome Productions, the Czech label that brought you the Swe-Death brilliance of Brutally Deceased's Dead Lover's Guide, are proud to announce an upcoming release of Brazilian/Floridian Death Metal in the form of CHAOS INCEPTION's The Abrogation. On the Alabama act's sophomore effort CHAOS INCEPTION continue to push that Floridian/Brazilian Death Metal paradigm even further into its own identifiable realm of extremity, while remaining heavily rooted in the traditional conception.

 The Abrogation was produced/mixed by Lance Wright at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, AL during Fall/Winter 2011 and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios in January 2012. CHAOS INCEPTION's Legacy of Extreme Death Metal Art continues and the Hellfire blasts will be unrelenting. Submit to incineration!

Track list for The Abrogation:

1 - The Abrogation
2 - Phalanx - The Tip of the Spear
3 - Lunatic Necromancy
4 - Pazuzu Eternal
5 - Hammer of Infidel
6 - Black Blood Vortex
7 - Ancient Ways Prevail
8 - The Exterminati
9 - Scald Command

For centuries they have waited. Planting the seeds, biding their time. -"The Exterminatti"

CHAOS INCEPTION was formed in early 2008 by surviving Fleshtized members Gary White and Matt Barnes. Cam Pinkerton was soon added on Bass. Chris White (Blood Stained Dusk) joined the band on Vocals in March. The debut album Collision with Oblivion was released through Brutalized Records (Colombia) in 2009.Chaos Inception has seen a thousand faces, and has melted them all, across the southeastern United States. Chaos Inception toured the area with Epoch of Unlight in 2009. Guitarist Matt Barnes was invited to perform with Florida death metal pioneers Monstrosity in 2010 as part of their South American tour and European festival appearances for the Spiritual Apocalypse album. 

The new album The Abrogation is set to be released via Lavadome Productions in spring 2012. The exact release date is yet to be announced. Stay tuned! 

CHAOS INCEPTION is dedicated to the destruction and recreation of the current death metal paradigm, and a return the true spirit of the Ancient Gods brought to light by the vision quests of its progenitors.

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