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Dark Descent Records news

Dark Descent Records Update

Dark Descent Records offers the following update on new items in the pipeline, the label's absorption of new stock from now defunct Skeleton Plague Records, and a stellar live performance clip from Turkish death dealers Burial Invocation

Grave Ritual vinyl release is now at press. 
The debut full length titled Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death is limited to 500 copies (100 on maroon vinyl, 100 fire orange & black, and 300 black). The LPs come with reverse board printed jackets, an 18" x 24" poster, and double-sided insert. We've just started taking pre-orders.


Intro/Beyond Diabolus
Sink Into the Grave
Abysmal Rotting
Drenched in Madness
Grotesque Summoning
Invoke the Realm of Tormenting Blasphemy
Morbid Aura of Desolation
Incanted Celestial Devourment

Unconsecrated 7"s are shipping.
The green vinyl is dwindling in numbers.

Three cassette tapes are now at press.

Anguish - Dawn of Doom demo pro tape. Swedish doom metal featuring members of Veternus and Graveless 

Morbo - Eternal City of the Dead demo pro tape. Autopsy-ish death metal from Italy. 

Mandatory - In Torment demo comp tape. Two early demos compiled onto one new tape! 

All three tapes will have expanded layouts. These will be back from production at the end of November. 

Decrepitaph/Eternal Solstice 7". 

New material from purveyors of old school cavernous death metal Decrepitaph and first Eternal Solstice recording in 13 years!

Burial Invocation Video: Live from Kill Town Death Fest!

The band that brought you the superb Rituals of the Grotesque EP can be seen here performing "Obliterated in an Ignominious Grave" at the Kill-Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark. Quality sound and visuals too!

Skeleton Plague Records Stock Absorption.

 With Skeleton Plague Records closing its virtual doors Dark Descent Records has absorbed its stock of over 300 titles.
Visit www.darkdescent.net to check out the new additions to the webstore.
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