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Dark Descent Records to re-issue XENOMORPH's debut album
Dark Descent Records To Re-issue XENOMORPH's Empyreal Regimes

During its short lifespan, Xenomorph inflicted their listeners with scars that refused to heal; assaulting the senses with a combination of twisted, technical music and diabolical imagery.
2011 will see Xenomorph's 1995 out-of-print Empyreal Regimes resurrected, complete with the band's 1993 Subspecies demo on Dark Descent Records.
Empyreal Regimes is available for pre-order at this location

The Keep
Plight of the Cimmerian
Inducted Throughout Time
Valley of the Knigs
Cyberchrist *
Phosphoric Coagulum *
Kaziglu-Bey *
* = Originally appeared on the Subspecies demo  

Beguiling Tempter - Bass (Bill Taylor) Immolation, ex-Feldgrau, ex-Laceration, ex-Acheron, ex-Angelcorpse
Zoanthros Vanir - Drums (Chris Haley) ex-Diabolic Possession
Pappshammer - Vocals, Guitar (Joe Papek)

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