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Dead Infection to release anniversary album

Polish Gore Grind veterans DEAD INFECTION released the following statement:

The band is working now on full-lenght album. Entering studio is planned on early 2011.
In the meantime both the band and Obliteration Records want to release special anniversary album containing old songs in newly recorded versions.
We want our fans to vote which songs deserve the most to put at this release.
The set includes songs from both demos and first two albums. (excluding song "Peritonitis" which was recorded on last band's MCD. If any song from demo was recorded on first album again, we also didn't repeat it). Here's full list:

1.   Pulsating gore
2.   Day of decay
3.   Intestines change into carrion
4.   A wild stench
5.   Maggots in your flesh
6.   Let me vomit
7.   Fermentation
8.   Gangrene of skin
9    Haemorrhage of uterus

10. Start human slaughter
11. In the grey memory
12. Dead again
13. Tribe of the glutinous tissue
14. World full of remains
15. Rip it
16. In the name of gore
17. Torsions
18. Pathological view on the alimentary canal
19. Undergo an operation
20. After accident
21. Xenomorph
22. Spattered birth
23. Deformed creature
24. From the anatomical deeps
25. Autophagia
26. The end of love
27. Hospital
28. Incident At Corsica
29. Airplane's Catastrophe
30. Little John's Story
31. Ambulance
32. Colitis ulcerosa
33. Life of a surgeon
34. Fire in he forest
35. Damaged elevator
36. The firing ground
37. Tragedy at the railway station
38. Don't turn his crushed face on me
39. Torn by the lion apart
40. The Merry-go-round

Vote for any songs you wish and send your choice to: timmyrecords@o2.pl (untill the end of the year, please).

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